Pokemon XD GoD RNG Manipulation Guide on GameCube/Wii

This is a guide to RNG pokemons in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness on real game hardware such as gamecube and wii.
The guide is mostly translation of ポケモンXD乱数調整ツール and some of my personal information added to it.
I did skip some text from the website so it will be best for you to read the original website if you can read Japanese.
And most of the image are also from this website.

All credit goes to Mr.Ginzaru, who created the software to RNG on Pokemon XD GoD.

There might be weird English since I wasn’t able to find a good translation for some words.
(and English isn’t my native language)
Tell me if there’s any better English for it or if you cannot understand.

What you need

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Gamecube or Wii
Software(you need .NET Framework 4 to run the software)

  • xdseed_v200
  • xdpokemon_v200
  • xdcheck_v201

You can download the software from here and by just clicking on xdseed_v200.zip, xdpokemon_v200.zip and xdcheck_v201.zip.


Finding range of initial seed

Finding NPC and other frames

RNG shadow pokemon

Finding secret ID

How to RNG PID of pokespot pokemon

Other information

n stabilization

Admiral_Fish translated the ordered list of the nature(性格) and a ordered list of the pokémon(ポケモンを選択).

Video: RNGing Shadow Houndour

Here is a video that Mr.Ginzaru is actually RNGing Shadow Houndour.
You won’t see how he is using the tool, but it should help you a bit after reading all the guides.

Comment or reply my on Twitter if you have any questions.