Guide for Breeding Abuse on Sun/Moon

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New information is found everyday and better tools are created so I will try to keep this page updated.

Finding Egg Seed

Unlike 5th gen or also other gen you can’t change time on your 3DS to land on the seed that you want.
It’s more like XD RNG where you first find which seed you are in than advance frame from that seed.

There are couple of ways to find the Egg Seed but in this guide I will just explain a way that doesn’t require knowledge of egg generation in Sun/Moon.

1, Deposit Male and Female Magikarp with different nature at Pokémon Nursery.
Both of them needs to be holding Everstone.
Run until the Egg is made.

2, Save, receive the egg and hatch.
Check the nature of the hatched Magikarp and if was same nature as male parent record 0, if it was same nature as female parents record 1.
Reset the game.

3, Reject the Egg that is made.
Run until the Egg is made.
Save, receive the egg and hatch.
Check the nature of the hatched Magikarp and if was same nature as male parent record 0, if it was same nature as female parents record 1.
Reset the game.

4, Continue “3” for 126 times, so you have 127 continuing numbers of 0 or 1.

5, Enter the number into this tool and click “検索” to get the Egg Seed.

Check if the Egg Seed is correct

Download the tool from the Tweet below.

Change the language to English

Enter information necessary into the tool.
Enter the Egg Seed under “RNG info”.
Search if the spread of the last egg you hatched appears on frame 123 or near that.
If it does you got the correct Egg Seed.
If you didn’t, start from the beginning.
Reset the game, so you are back in the position where you haven’t received the last egg yet.
Record the Seed in that frame because that is the Seed you are currently in, and it will be used to RNG.

Advancing Frame

Enter the information necessary to RNG the Pokemon you want.
The Seed you are entering here should be the Seed you recorded above, which is the Seed you are currently in.
Find how many frames you need to advance to get to the Seed.

Advancing frame in Sun/Moon is not easy, rejecting egg advances only 1 frame and receiving egg advances frame as listed under “Frames adv. by receiving”.
“Frames adv. by receiving” will increase as you use Shiny Charm, Destiny Knot, Masuda Method.

So, in order to advance many frames you should receive eggs,not too much that it will exceed the seed you want to land on.
Than you can advance frame one each by rejecting the egg to get to the Seed you want.

So, for example if I want to RNG the Pokemon in Frame 75 in the following situation.

Go to “Egg List” tab.
Enter the information needed and look at “Frame” column.

You can see 70 in the 3rd row which means if I receive 3 eggs, it will advance 70 frames.
So, 75 – 70 = 5, and I will adjust by rejecting 5 eggs and you have advanced 75 frames.

RNGing Shiny Pokemon

Reminder, if you want to RNG Shiny Pokemon you NEED to have shiny charm or use Masuda Method.

To hatch shiny Pokemon you need to find your TSV.
If you are not against SV hatching, you can use KeySAVe to find your TSV.

If you are against using tool like KeySAV, you need to hatch shiny by yourself.
After finding your Egg Seed(and/or Seed you are in)

Deposit Male and Female Magikarp.
They don’t have to have any items but you need to have shiny charm or use Masuda Method,meaning Magikarp are in different language.(Example: Male Japanese Magikarp and Female English Magikarp)

Keep hatching eggs until you hatch a shiny Magikarp.
Than hatch another egg after you hatched a shiny Magikarp.

Open the tool enter IV for parents, check Shiny Charm and/or Masuda Method.
Than click “Egg List” tab.
Enter the Seed and the range of time needed to hatch shiny Magikarp, and uncheck the “Use TSV while generating”.
Find which one is the shiny Magikarp from its gender and nature(and also IVs if needed)
As for example, I will assume that I hatched shiny from 14th egg.
14th Egg Shiny Magikaro ♀ Docile
15th Egg Magikarp ♂ Timid

Copy paste the number in column “Frame” for both 14 and 15, which will be 357 and 384 in this example, and use them as a range for “Range” in “Search” tab, enter Seed and click “Search”.

Scroll down to the bottom and search from bottom up for the Magikarp that was hatched after the Shiny one.
In this example it was “♂ Naughty”, so it is in Frame 383.
Look at the “Rand” column that is in gray and go 3 up, that is the PID of the Shiny Magikarp.
In this example it will be 5F3C2C6D.

Since PSV for Shiny Pokemon = TSV, we just need to calculate PSV from PID.
Open calculator and change it to “Programmer” mode, click HEX and do (first 4 letter of PID) Xor (last 4 letter of PID).
In this example it will be 5F3C Xor 2C6D = 7351

Click DEC and divide it by 16.
In this example it will be 29521/16=1845.

And this will be your TSV.

Getting ready for next RNG

After successfully RNGed a Pokemon, you should find which Seed you are in by checking the spread of the next Pokemon hatched and reseting the game so you are back at the stage where you didn’t receive the egg of the Pokemon which you’ve just checked its spread.
The Seed will be used for the next RNG.

Multiple TSV Search

If you have multiple save or want to share TSV with your friends, this will be a great function.
Just open TSV.txt and enter the TSV of your friend/other save file.
Check “Search TSV list matched” .
And just search!

How to use parents.csv

This is a function that lets you save parents info(Species and IVs) in the tool.
So you can directly choose which Pokemon is used from the tool.
Create a CSV file name “parents.csv”, or open the file already created to edit or add the Pokemon.

メタモン HAC,31,31,5,31,16,23
The first column is the Pokemon’s info such as name, nickname, or any other information so you can identify which Pokemon you are selecting.
The others are the IVs of the Pokemon.

After entering and saving the parents, open the tool and go to Option → Parents List

Click and choose the parents used, Click ♂親にする if it is a ♂ parent and ♀親にする if it is a ♀ parent.
The IVs will be automatically entered to the Parents section.


ポケモンサンムーン 孵化乱数調整のやり方
Breeding RNG Quirk

3 Responses to “Guide for Breeding Abuse on Sun/Moon”

  1. snocchel より:

    Hi ^ ^

    There is something confusing me. From what i read, if you reject n egg it will advances 1 frame right?

    If you accept an egg (with shiny charm but without Masuda Method) it will advances 15-25 frame? and if you accept an egg (with shiny charm and without Masuda Method) it will advances 24-40 frame, is that right?

    If that yes, isnt without using MM has better chance to advance into shiny frame?
    or with MM, shiny frames is more likely to appear?

    • てるる(Tellu) より:

      You are correct.
      So Pokemon’s shininess is decided from PID(which can calculate SV from it)
      When you you use MM, when the Pokemon is generated it recalcualtes PID 6times max if the Pokemon is not shiny.
      So you have more chance of hatching shiny than without using MM