【XD RNG】Finding secret ID

You can find secret ID if you can figure out which seed was used to generate Eevee.
This time we will find our SID from the data we just started.
If you want to find SID that’s during the adventure start from 2.

1. Start game

Since it will be hard to figure out SID if Eevee is male, SR until you get female.

2. Search it on xdcheck

Open xdcheck and click “その他”, enter stats and nature of the Eevee you got and click “計算”.
個体値から検索 – calculate from IV
能力値から検索 – calculate from stats
ポケモン – Pokemon
性格 – nature
特性 – ability
XD特性 – XD ability
性別 – gender
めざパ – hidden power
表ID – ID 
If the Eevee you have has already battled once and have EV in it, find IV of your Eevee by using Ev lowering berries and enter it.

3. Find SID

Copy every thing in column “開始時シード” and paste it one xdseed’s “調整” tab “シード”.
Check “逆算”, and enter “3” in “消費数(直接指定)”.
Than enter “r == ID” in “出力する条件となる計算式”, this time the ID is 30358 so we will enter “r == 30358”.
After that click “計算”.
If there is two or more result, we cannot find SID so restart from 1.

Copy result in column “シード” on the left side and paste on “シード”.
Delete “出力する条件となる計算式” and click “計算”.
The result in column “計算式1” is SID.

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