【XD RNG】How to RNG PID of pokespot pokemon

You can RNG what kind of pokemon you want in pokespot and PID of it.
This time we will aim for shiny Gligar.

1. Make Miror Radar go off

It won’t work if the rador is activating so turn it off.
One way is to capture all 82 shadow pokemons except Dragonite and let him be at Gateon Port.
Or you can do this RNG before you get Mirror Rader.
Maybe there are other ways as well.

2. Get Pokemon ready to advance frame

Than set Poké Snacks on the location where the pokemon you want to RNG appears.
Save at place where there to no NPC and finish game.

3. Find which seed you are at

Open xdseed and start game.
Set the “初期シード” tab’s “初期シード”‘s range to the adequate range of initial seed you found, and amount frame that will advance until game load at “ゲームロードまでの消費数”.
Find which seed you are at by going through the step you did in Finding range of initial seed from 3 to 7.

4. Enter information in “ポケスポット” tab

Open “ポケスポット” tab and enter necessary information.
Seed you are at in “シード”, range of frame that you are willing to advance in “消費数”, number of pokemon in your party in “手持ちのポケモン数”, pokemon name in “ポケモン”.
性格 – nature
特性 – ability
性別 – gender
表ID – ID
色違いのみ出力 – output only shiny
ウソハチの出現判定あり – check it if Bonsly hasn’t been captured
Than click “計算”.

5. Advance frames

Advance frames that is in column “消費数” without moving from the spot you are standing as possible.
If you didn’t get any result, make the range of “消費数” wider, or restart from 3.

6. Run around

When you are finished with advancing all frames, than run around.
After running around for few minute, pokemon will appear in pokespot.
At this time specie of pokemon, and PID has been decided.
IF you wish to RNG IV and XD ability save here.

7. Go to Pokespot

When you go to pokespot, the pokemon you got in 4 should be there.
If you want to RNG IVs you can figure out which seed you are in and advance frames by looking at player’s character’s motion, by putting your hands off from the controller at “Oh! It’s a wild ○○!”.
However you can only advance 2 frames each so it will be good to aim for a frame that is OK for advancing frames to be even or odd.
And don’t forget to select “ポケスポット”, and choose pokemon from “出現ポケモン” in xdcheck and xdpokemon when you calculate if your are RNGing IVs.

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