【XD RNG】n stabilization

n stabilization is a technique used to stabilize the amount of frame advanced when the battle start with the effect of screen rotating while it fades.


The reason why n will be stable is unknown but I will write the theory for it.

And also not all pokemon will be able to use this technique.

How to do

Start the game and find which seed you are in.
Battle with a trainer that doesn’t have a shadow pokemon you want with the same background as the trainer with the shadow pokemon you want to RNG.

So for example if you want to RNG shadow Duskull you will battle with any trainer in the 2nd floor.

After you battle with the trainer than find which seed you are in again.
The battle should advance about 900,000~1,100,000 frames.
But for some trainer such as trainer used to stabilize shadow Rapidash the frame advenced during the battle is very small.

After you find which seed you are in battle with the trainer with the shadow Pokemon you want to RNG and find n, which should be smaller than usual.

The amount of n after stabilization will also differ depending on region of the game and hardware(GC, Wii).
After you find n do the same thing and use the n you find for forced frame 1(強制消費1).
But be careful not to use save to advance frame because if you do and you fail to RNG the shadow pokemon you won’t be able to use the same trainer for n stabilization.

Because of this some Pokemon like Magmar are unable to use this technique since there is no trainer with same background with the trainer who has shadow Magmar.


This is a theory and we are not 100% sure that these are right.

The amount of n varies because of the lag of reading some field data.
So when you first battle with a trainer they game will load data such as back ground.
It takes time to find the data which creates lag, which makes the n to be unstable.

But when you next battle with a trainer with the same background, the data for the background is in a place like cache, which makes easier for the game to find and load it.
This makes n stable and smaller than usual.

Because of this if there is many changes in data like moving from a map to another map the cache will be deleted.
So like pokemon such as Shadow Kangaskhan, the nearest place where there is no moving NPC is PC at Gateon Port,
so you need to start game in Gateon Port and find seed, than go to where Shadow Kangaskhan is and battle with a trainer with same background and than run back to Pokemon Center to find which seed you are in.
Since there is so many map change, n might be a little smaller than usual but won’t be stable.

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