【XD RNG】Other information

Major ways to advance frames

These are major ways to advance frames.
There are some other but these will be enough to RNG.
Some ways are written “About ○/sec”, these will be unstable if you open the screen for small amount of time.
And these are for Japanese Pokemon XD, if you are playing it on USA or PAL version the number of “About ○○/sec” might differ.
If you are playing it on PAL version on 50Hz utility frequency the speed for advancing frame will not be stable.

Player's character's motion
2 /timesUsed for minor adjustment
Opening and closing pokemon or item menu
? /timesIt depends on where you are at, so you need to find out.
It doesn't advance when you open item menu from pokemon menu to change item or the opposite.
About 63 /timesUse to advance odd frames
See Pokemon's summary
About 48.5 /secIt won't advance frames for some Pokemon such as Gulpin.
See shadow Pokemon's summary consumption_05About 2759.5 /secSeeing Shadow Pokemon from P★DA is much faster
See shadow Pokemon's summary that's in Reverse Modeconsumption_06About 3713.6 /secSeeing Shadow Pokemon from P★DA is much faster
See Pokemon in P★DAconsumption_07About 468.1 /secfor some Pokemon such as Gulpin, it advances frames in speed of about 419.6/ sec.
See shadow Pokemon in P★DAconsumption_08About 3179.1 /secMaking shadow Pokemon in reverse mode makes it much faster
See shadow Pokemon that's in Reverse in P★DAconsumption_09About 4133.2 /secFastest way to advance frame.
Using shadow Moltres might be more faster

How much the animation before the battle will advance frames

Screen rotating while it fadeseffect_01?Most trainer uses this. The amount is not stable and it can be calculated in 9600 × n + 4(which n is whole number). Which will be aorund 300000~500000 with about 3-5 patterns.
Pokespot also uses this but it will advance only 4 frames.
Screen with Pokeball effect_024Mostly used in Boss battle
Screen NOT rotating but fadingeffect_030Not many trainer uses this

For the first effect the amount of n will likely to be the same for people playing XD in same region and same hardware.
For wii n will likely to be bigger than gamecube.

XD ability

In 3rd gen Pokemon’s ability is decided from PID.
However, in Pokemon XD it uses different thing to decided its ability, the ability decided from this is what we call “XD ability” in this website.

When you evolve Pokemon in 3rd or 6th gen, the pokemon’s ability will be the same as XD ability.
However if you evolve in 4th or 5th gen it uses PID to get the ability which might case the ability to change.

Shadow Pokemon’s IV and PID are decided when the pokemon enters the battle.
However XD ability does not.
So you can SR XD ability by fainting the shadow pokemon or fainting player’s team after you stabilized shadow pokemon’s IV and PID.

RNGing a place where there is NPC

When the tariner who owns the shadow pokemon are in a area where there is NPC advancing frames, you need to find which seed you are in at the area where there is no NPC, advance frame and than move to where the trainer is.

For example, shadow Duskull is at 3rd floor of ONBS Building, but there is NPC so you cannot RNG here.

So to RNG shadow Duskull you need to find which seed you are at in the 2nd floor and than move to 3rd floor after you advanced frames.
In this case 強制消費1 will be addition of forced frame 1 and amount of frame that NPC will advance.

Difference between gamecube and wii

Because it takes 5~6 sec slower for wii to show the screen “WARNING-HEALTH AND SAFETY”, evern if you start the game with the same time as gamecube you will get different range of initial seed.

For wii the initial seed tend to change in speed of 0xA4CB8(≒1/60sec), and some time little out of the range.
Also you might get to same initial seed in few hundred trials which is unlikely to happen in gamecube.

For the animation before the battle starts when the effect if screen rotating while it fades, it tend to be bigger than gamecube.

Shadow Zangoose

Shadow Zangoose appears in the story several times, but its PID and IVs are decided at Cipher Key Lair where player’s character first battle with Zangoose.

n stablization

Normally the n for screen rotating while it fades is not stable but for some pokemon, such as shadow Duskull, there is a way to make it stable.
The instruction is not in Mr. Ginzaru’s website but I will write the guide for it if I have time and someone wishes it.

I wrote about it, you can find it here.

How to RNG shadow Togepi

Just put a check mark in the check box next to “トゲピー” in xdcheck and xdpokemon when you calculate.

How RNG two shadow Pokemon from one trainer

As said here, shoadow pokemon’s IV and PID are decided when they enter the battle, so by fainting all your party before the next shadow pokemon enters the battle you can have first shadow pokemon thats been RNGed, and second one thats not.
When the first pokemon’s PID and IV are decided look at xdpokemon and xdcheck, on the right side you will see a word “初ダークポケモン” when you selected 2nd, 3rd, 4th… shadow pokemon.
Change the first “初ダークポケモン” to “ダークポケモン” when the fist shadow pokemon’s PID and IV are decided.
If the 2nd one is also decided than also make the second “初ダークポケモン” to “ダークポケモン”.

When you want to RNG Greevil’s Pokemon you need to be careful.
After the battle with shadow Lugia, Greevil will send out two pokemon.
Faint all your party and change the first two “初ダークポケモン” to “ダークポケモン”.
Than you will be able to RNG the last 4 shadow pokemon he has.
To RNG the first two you need to consider the frames that is going to be advance during the battle with shadow Lugia.

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